Chabad of the Beaches “Takes” On the Village of Atlantic Beach

by: Allan Zhang
27 Sep 2022
A recent eminent domain case unfolding across the river involves the potential taking of property owned by Chabad of the Beaches (“Chabad”), a Jewish community group, to be used for religious purposes. Chabad was founded by the Rabbi Eli Goodman and his wife, Beila Goodman, to serve the Jewish population of Long Beach Barrier Island.... Read More

No Standing for PA Senators Alleging Taking

by: Joseph Grather
26 Sep 2022
Here’s a quick one for a Monday to start the workweek – – – on September 16, 2022, the Third Circuit issued a “precedential” opinion in the Yaw v. Delaware River Keeper case. If you thought that the doors to the federal courts swung wide open when the Supreme Court decided Knick v Scott, you... Read More

A Primer on Tenants’ Rights to Condemnation Awards in New Jersey

by: Michael Realbuto
26 Sep 2022
When the government takes private property using its power of eminent domain, it is required to pay the property owner “just compensation.” With that being said, the allocation of a condemnation award is not always clear cut and legal disputes often arise in the context of leaseholds. Allocation of a condemnation award to persons claiming... Read More

Bernardsville Redevelopment Project: Full Steam Ahead!

by: Anthony F. Della Pelle
21 Sep 2022
Last week, the Bernardsville Borough Council adopted a resolution approving a controversial designation of certain commercial properties on Olcott Square as an “area in need of redevelopment” pursuant to the New Jersey Local Redevelopment and Housing Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:12A;1, et seq (“LRHL”).  The decision, approved by a 4-2 vote, was controversial because it rejected an... Read More

Delays in Obtaining Permits Leading to Property Foreclosure Not a Regulatory Taking

by: Joseph Grather
19 Sep 2022
Federal Court Judge Cheryl Ann Kraus was ‘riding the Circuit’ and decided a regulatory takings case while sitting in the District Court, District of New Jersey captioned James v. Vornlocker. Full opinion here 2022-8-31 Vornlocker. The case was decided on motions for summary judgment, and it appears that Plaintiff admitted most of the facts and... Read More

New York Appellate Court: Make a Strong Case When Arguing for a “Highest and Best Use!”

by: Michael Realbuto
14 Sep 2022
Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division, reviewed a lower court’s decision that disregarded a property owner’s proposed “highest and best use” to support a valuation claim in a condemnation matter. The primary issue on appeal was whether the lower court erred in finding that the property owner failed to substantiate... Read More

Indiana Supreme Court Vacates Judgment on Due Process Grounds

by: Joseph Grather
6 Sep 2022
The Indiana Supreme Court handed a property owner a nice win before the Labor Day Weekend.  The short opinion is a quick read and available here.  The Gary Housing Authority was engaged in redevelopment for affordable housing and it “strictly followed” the statutory and administrative procedures for acquiring private property.  The notice provisions of the... Read More

Jersey City Short Term Rental Regulation Not a Regulatory Taking

by: Joseph Grather
25 Aug 2022
A week ago, the U.S. Third Circuit  Court of Appeals decided that Jersey City’s regulations limiting the ability to use private property for short-term rentals was not a taking. 2022-8-16 Nekrilov v Jersey City Third Circuit.  Our associate Michael Realbuto detailed the lower court’s decision – here – so I’ll get right to why the... Read More

Maryland Appellate Court: Condemnation Jury Trials are the Status Quo

by: Michael Realbuto
24 Aug 2022
Earlier this year, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals reviewed a lower court’s decision that prevented a self-represented property owner from having her valuation case heard by a jury. The primary issue on appeal was whether it was legally correct for the lower court to hold the condemnation trial without a jury. The full decision... Read More

Charitable Property Tax Exemption Upheld by Tax Court Despite Zoning Violations

by: Matthew Erickson
23 Aug 2022
On March 24, 2022, the Tax Court of New Jersey rendered a twenty-five (25) page opinion in Life With Joy, Inc., v. Township of Green (hereafter “Life With Joy”) where the court evaluated whether the subject property was qualified for a charitable exemption to its requirement to pay local property tax.  Here, the Hon. Vito... Read More