Eminent Domain & Condemnation

In takings by eminent domain, more than two-thirds of property owners think the government’s offer is the best they can do if condemnation is used. But we know better—and we know the law, as well as New Jersey real estate values. We’re skilled at getting our clients just compensation—often two, three or four times the government condemnation offer, or even more.

In New Jersey it’s particularly important to have knowledgeable counsel, as eminent domain and condemnation abuse by government has been rampant in our fine state. Over the years, many property owners have been victims of local “redevelopment” projects that would win friends or raise tax dollars, and some government agencies have teamed up with private developers to seize properties in areas that are not blighted merely because they intend to “improve the neighborhood.”

In the wake of the precedent-setting 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Kelo v City of New London, most states reformed their eminent domain laws to ensure they couldn’t become a tool used casually against local homeowners on behalf of private interests. New Jersey was one of the few states which did nothing, until some modest changes were made to the law in late 2013.  But the potential still exists for government overreaching and the abuse of the government’s powers which could result in the seizure of private property for private gain.

At McKirdy, Riskin, Olson & DellaPelle, P.C., our eminent domain lawyers believe the property rights established in the U.S. Constitution are sacred. We fight hard for our clients, regarding eminent domain and condemnation in NJ, using all our legal skills and knowledge to ensure they get just compensation when the government takes their private property.

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