At McKirdy, Riskin, Olson & DellaPelle, P.C., we have been at the forefront fighting against government abuse of New Jersey redevelopment laws—helping our clients and helping shape the law.

Under New Jersey law and the guise of “redevelopment,” privately owned property can be taken by government entities and turned over to private developers. Even newly constructed homes and vibrant commercial establishments are not safe, and can be declared “in need of redevelopment” or “blighted.” In high-profile projects—from Atlantic City casino development to the Hudson waterfront redevelopment—and smaller takings, municipalities of all sizes can employ local redevelopment laws to seize land only arguably “blighted,” typically in areas adjacent to railroad stations and along the waterfronts.

Many property owners feel helpless. But if it happens to you or your business, you can fight city hall—with our help. Our tenacious attorneys have successfully prevented wrongful attempts to take private property for private-use redevelopments across the state. Dedicated to winning favorable outcomes for our clients, we leave no stone unturned, thoroughly evaluating all options available to property owners and, when necessary, litigating on their behalf to prevent the wrongful taking of property.

Our attorneys have litigated successfully in precedent-setting cases that have helped change the application of New Jersey redevelopment laws. You’ll also find them lecturing to professional organizations on redevelopment defense and publishing important articles on redevelopment law.

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