One Week Left! Are You Over-Assessed?

by: Anthony F. Della Pelle
27 Mar 2023

There is only one week left until the April 3 property tax appeal filing deadline for 2023 for most towns in New Jersey. For municipalities with reassessments or revaluations put into effect this year outside Monmouth County, the filing deadline is May 1.

Are you over-assessed, or even comfortable that your 2023 assessment represents your fair share?  If you’re not sure, there’s not much time left until the deadline to appeal property taxes, so it’s best to have them reviewed now.

While living in a town with high property taxes doesn’t necessarily mean that you are over-assessed, it may be an indication that you should examine your assessment before it’s too late.  This article lists the 20 NJ towns that it found to have both the highest and lowest average property tax bills in 2022, with Tavistock Borough (Camden County) and Millburn Township (Essex County) taking the honors as having the highest property taxes, and the City of Camden earning the distinction of having the lowest average property tax bill in 2022.

The property tax appeal process can be complicated and time-consuming.   An experienced property tax appeal attorney can provide assistance by ensuring your tax appeal is filed appropriately and supported by competent evidence.  There are many specific rules and procedures that can create problems for NJ taxpayers who try to appeal their own taxes without hiring experienced counsel or without at least familiarizing themselves with some of these rules and regulations.

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