BLOG: Condemnation Law

New Speedwell Avenue Redevelopment Plan Adopted

by: Joseph Grather
20 Oct 2011
As anticipated, the Morristown Council approved a new version of the Speedwell Avenue Redevelopment Plan. reporting. The new plan calls for a four-part phased development of the area along Speedwell Ave generally running up from the Salvation Army on Spring Street to St. Margaret’s Church of Scotland on Speedwell, and partway down Early Street.... Read More

Keystone Pipeline Project Chugging Along

by: Anthony F. Della Pelle
19 Oct 2011
Controversy Continues to Surround Canadian Oil Company Seeking Eminent Domain Authority in United States  A recent article on examined the issues and controversy surrounding the 4,000- mile long TransCanada Keystone Pipeline.  We first discussed this project a year ago on Fox News Channel, where McKirdy & Riskin’s Anthony Della Pelle provided commentary – watch the video... Read More

Final Tally for Canceled Tunnel Nearly $600 Million

by: Anthony F. Della Pelle
11 Oct 2011
Nearly $600 million was spent before New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cancelled the ARC Tunnel Project last fall.  Only $22 million was spent on actually constructing the project, with the majority of funds going to engineers and consultants.  The remainder was spent on real estate related costs like eminent domain suits and negotiating with property... Read More

Who's Going to Wipe Away Redeveloper's Tears?

by: Joseph Grather
10 Oct 2011
Not me. A designated redeveloper is crying about the misfortune of being partnered with government in Vineland.  The redeveloper went so far as to write a letter to the editor, which was published by The Daily  In the letter, the redeveloper complains how the City has not been living up to its promises regarding the “Four... Read More

Redevelopment Gone Right?

by: Joseph Grather
19 Sep 2011
  California Town Celebrates New Neighborhood The reports on a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony in Gleason Park, California of a new neighborhood built over a once drug invested waste-land.   The project involved a cooperative effort between government and private enterprise in this central California community in Stockton, and exemplifies a legitimate use of government power.... Read More

McGinley Square Residents Safe and Sound?

by: Joseph Grather
16 Sep 2011
City Converts Redevelopment Area to Rehabilitation Area, Saving Homes from Takings Due to pressure from the voting public, the Jersey City governing body last week removed the threat of eminent domain in McGinley Square by converting the area from a “redevelopment area” to a “rehabilitation area.”  The latter provides for many of the same planning benefits afforded... Read More

Mt Holly Gardens Residents Live to Fight Another Day

by: Joseph Grather
15 Sep 2011
The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has reversed a United States District Court decision in the long-running Mt Holly Gardens redevelopment cases.  As reported in the Burlington County Times, the Third Circuit remanded the case back to the District Court to analyze alternatives to eminent domain takings that allegedly had a... Read More

Brooke Shields to Play Susette Kelo in New Movie

by: Anthony F. Della Pelle
12 Sep 2011
Kelo v. City of New London is moving from a court case of a lifetime to a movie on the Lifetime Channel.   The movie is based on the book “Little Pink House” about Susette Kelo and the Fort Trumbull section of New London’s fight against eminent domain for redevelopment purposes.  Susette Kelo’s story became famous the United... Read More

Atlantic City Development Authority Gets New Executive Director

by: Joseph Grather
7 Sep 2011
The Press of Atlantic City reports that Governor Christie will today announce a new head of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority at Boardwalk Hall.  Christie picked John Palmieri, born in Hoboken, but who spent the last four years as head of Boston’s redevelopment agency and has spent many years in New England working in other... Read More

Long Branch Property Owners Suffer Setback

by: Joseph Grather
7 Sep 2011
As reported today in the Asbury Park Press, four property owners in Long Branch’s infamous MTOTSA (Marine Terrace, Ocean Terrace, and Seaview Avenue)  redevelopment area lost their most recent battle with the governing body. Two years ago, after the Appellate Division reversed a trial court decision that authorized the use of eminent domain to acquire private... Read More