BLOG: Property Tax Appeal

Illinois Falls in Line With Kirby Forest and Reverses Big Tax Refund

by: Joseph Grather
1 Nov 2023
  The Illinois Supreme Court filed an opinion on September 21, 2023 in MB Financial Bank v. Brophy (opinion here).  In 2018, the property owner filed a complaint seeking a refund for overpayment of taxes on the low-income apartment building known as Evergreen Terrace it operated in Chicago.  The property owner claimed that it had... Read More

UPDATE To STAY NJ – We Shall See In January 2026!

by: Allan Zhang
3 Aug 2023
Back in June, we blogged about the early rumblings of a bill to be passed which would increase property tax savings to Seniors living in New Jersey. Billed as “Stay NJ”, it was purported that Senior homeowners and renters (aged 65 and older) could see reductions in their property tax bills up to $6,500 for... Read More

The City of Newark to Perform its First Property Revaluation Since 2013

by: Matthew Erickson
28 Jul 2023
The City of Newark, New Jersey on July 19, 2023 passed an Ordinance for a Special Emergency Revaluation. This will be the City’s first property tax revaluation since 2013.  This revaluation has not been officially scheduled but has a targeted completion date of sometime during or before the 2027 tax year.  This deadline was made... Read More

Real Property Tax Appeals Versus Eminent Domain Cases

by: Michael Realbuto
30 Jun 2023
The real estate tax appeal process can ultimately lead to reduced tax burdens for New Jersey property owners…that is the good news, and our firm specializes in representing property owners across N.J. in those types of cases. However, unique situations may arise during a tax appeal that can pose a dilemma for owners. One such... Read More

NJ’s Senior Homeowners and Renters Could See Reduced Property Tax Bills

by: Allan Zhang
27 Jun 2023
New Jersey Governor Murphy and state legislators have purportedly reached an agreement to enact a bill to help New Jersey’s seniors stay in New Jersey. Legislators proposed a bill titled “StayNJ Act” which would effectively cut property tax bills for homeowners and renters ages 65 and older starting in 2026. The bill was introduced by... Read More

Self-Represented Litigants Appeal Assessments In Tax Court and Lose

by: Allan Zhang
8 Jun 2023
This recent Tax Court opinion is based on an appeal by self-represented litigants of the 2021 added assessment and 2022 tax year local property tax assessment on a single family home in Montclair Township. The Court affirmed the 2021 added assessment and 2022 tax assessment. The self represented litigants, Lucy and Daniel Yang, purchased the... Read More

Tax Court Judge Novin Strikes Unverified Sales

by: Allan Zhang
2 May 2023
In this recent Tax Court opinion, Lafayette Sq. Construction Co. LLC and Union Court LLC (“collectively referred to as Square”) challenged Montclair Township’s tax assessment on their unimproved properties for tax years 2020-2022. After a bench trial, the Court affirmed the assessments. Square owns contiguous properties which comprise a surface parking lot with a capacity... Read More

The City of Elizabeth to Perform its First Property Revaluation Since 1977

by: Matthew Erickson
28 Apr 2023
The City of Elizabeth, New Jersey announced on April 16, 2023, that it will be performing its first property tax revaluation since 1977, so long ago that “Gremlins”, “Pintos” and “Chevettes” were new styles of cars.  This revaluation is scheduled to be completed for the 2024 tax year, but logistical considerations may push this a... Read More

New Jersey Property Tax Appeal Deadlines Still Open for Some Municipalities

by: Matthew Erickson
17 Apr 2023
New Jersey municipalities typically have a deadline of April 1st for property tax appeals in most years (and possibly a day or two later if the appeal deadline falls on a weekend as it did this year).  However, for some municipalities that have undergone a revaluation of all of their properties or have undergone a... Read More

One Week Left! Are You Over-Assessed?

by: Anthony F. Della Pelle
27 Mar 2023
There is only one week left until the April 3 property tax appeal filing deadline for 2023 for most towns in New Jersey. For municipalities with reassessments or revaluations put into effect this year outside Monmouth County, the filing deadline is May 1. Are you over-assessed, or even comfortable that your 2023 assessment represents your... Read More