Great 8, Number 4: Wilson – Municipal Redevelopment Sustained

by: Joseph Grather
31 Jan 2023
The above image apparently depicts a downtown urban blighted area in Connecticut.  (But, today’s post will not be about the famous Little Pink House in Connecticut). This post is about the judicial progenitor of redevelopment in New Jersey, Wilson v City of Long Branch (1957) (Francis, Assoc. Justice).  The case was the first to challenge... Read More

Harrison Tp Redevelopment Faces Heavy Opposition

by: Joseph Grather
26 Jan 2023
A quick break from the “great 8” – – reports that a rural Gloucester County municipality has been targeted in two lawsuits seeking to invalidate a “warehouse” friendly redevelopment plan. To refresh everyone’s recollection, the New Jersey Constitution declares that “redevelopment” of a “blighted area” is a public use and public purpose for which... Read More

Morristown Property Tax Revaluation Delayed to 2024

by: Anthony F. Della Pelle
23 Jan 2023
Morristown’s first property tax revaluation in nearly 20 years looks like it will have to wait yet another year to be completed.  Delays in performing inspections of the properties are the principal reason for the delay in the revaluation, which had been ordered to take place by the Morris County Tax Board and was originally... Read More

Great 8, Number 3: United States v. Causby

by: Joseph Grather
20 Jan 2023
Thomas Lee and Tinie Causby lived outside of Greensboro, North Carolina and operated a chicken farm on their 2.8 acre property. In May of 1942 – about 5 months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 – the United States leased the municipal airport adjacent to Causby’s chicken farm to operate military... Read More

Great 8, Number 2: Washington Market – Early Inverse Case

by: Joseph Grather
13 Jan 2023
Washington Market Enterprises, Inc. v. City of Trenton, 68 N.J. 107 (1975) is number two on the list. The case is included because it is probably one of the earliest New Jersey inverse condemnation cases alleging a “regulatory taking” where the owner prevailed.  Our Supreme Court framed the issue:  “This case presents the question of... Read More

Weehawken Bans Short-Term Rentals…Fifth Amendment Challenge Coming?

by: Michael Realbuto
12 Jan 2023
Although home-sharing platforms have exploded in popularity over the past decade, becoming an acceptable way for individuals to earn supplemental income from their properties, several cities along the Hudson River have banned owners from leasing out their properties on a short-term basis citing quality-of-life concerns. In March and August 2022, we blogged about Jersey City’s... Read More

A New Years’ Great Eight: Number 1

by: Joseph Grather
4 Jan 2023
End of year, we all get bombarded with “best of” or “top 10, 20, 100” lists.  So, how about starting the year with eight great condemnation cases? Number 1. Monongahela Navigation Co. v. United States, 148 U.S. 312 (1893). A grand-daddy in its 130th anniversary year! A bountiful feast of elemental principles of just compensation... Read More

South Carolina City Pulls the Plug on Banning U-Haul Rentals

by: Michael Realbuto
3 Jan 2023
A property owner in Mauldin, South Carolina felt some holiday cheer this December when he found out that the city repealed an amortization ordinance that would have banned his long-standing U-Haul rental business. For over a decade, Jeremy Sark and his partner Marie Dougherty operated a U-Haul rental business alongside Sark’s Automotive shop in Mauldin.... Read More

Redevelopment of Famed “Horn Antenna” Site Looming?

by: Allan Zhang
28 Dec 2022
  The site of the former Nokia property in Holmdel Township could be receiving a makeover if the Township Committee gets its way. On November 22, 2022, the Holmdel Township Committee passed resolution 2022-307, authorizing the Township Planning Board to investigate whether the property at 791 Holmdel Road may be designated as an area in... Read More

Chatham Borough Residents Bracing for 2023 Property Tax Revaluation

by: Anthony F. Della Pelle
27 Dec 2022
Chatham Borough has commenced a State-ordered municipal property tax revaluation for the first time in nearly 20 years, and according to this recent article, residents have already started to express concern over the process and how it will impact their property tax bills. A revaluation program involves the mass appraisal and reassessment of all real... Read More