DellaPelle Shares War Story On Eminent Domain Podcast

by: Anthony F. Della Pelle

MROD’s Anthony DellaPelle appeared as a return guest in Episode 44 of “The Eminent Domain Podcast”, hosted by Texas eminent domain attorney, Clint Schumacher.  In this podcast, Tony shared a story with Clint about a recent trial he handled involving Hudson Riverfront property in Hoboken, where he used his closing argument to explain to the jury why the Broadway smash-hit Hamilton “played” a role in why the jury was being asked to render a just compensation verdict for his client.  Tony had previously appeared as Mr. Schumacher’s featured guest on the Podcast in 2018, when he discussed “Eminent Domain and Public Use Issues In New Jersey”.  That podcast is available for listening here.  The more recent podcast featuring Tony’s “war story” is available for listening in its entirety below, or by visiting the Podcast directly: