MROD Hits Early Milestone in Office Tax Assessment Reductions for 2023

by: Matthew Erickson
7 Mar 2023

McKirdy Riskin Olson & DellaPelle, a boutique law firm handling both condemnation and property tax matters, has already surpassed one of its internal milestones for the 2023 year by achieving reductions in taxpayer assessments of over 30 million dollars of total market value for commercial office properties.  These reductions in tax assessments, which apply to multiple years, will save our clients millions of dollars in property taxes over the next few years.

While we have made great reductions for our clients in our history, we have also set very high goals for ourselves in terms of getting client results.  Knowing that our clients who own office real estate have been suffering with low occupancies and high tax assessments, we have set internal goals to ensure that we are doing everything possible to lessen their tax burden.  We have met our initial goal and will continue to challenge ourselves to get our clients the tax assessment reductions that they deserve.

“Office real estate has been under a lot of pressure due to the pandemic.  The hybrid work phenomenon has really caused a lot of vacancies in many areas of the state.  While we see that some municipalities have recognized this, there are still many places where we are seeing office buildings over-assessed,” said Matthew Erickson, an attorney for the firm who has been handling many of the office property tax appeals.

For those office property owners who believe they may be over-assessed, it is important to know that the deadline for 2023 appeals is still open for many counties (if your property is assessed for under 1 million in value) or statewide until at least April 3, 2023 (if your property is assessed for over 1 million in value).  If your municipality has just undergone a revaluation for 2023, your deadline could be May 1, 2023.

If you have any questions concerning your office property tax assessment, contact McKirdy, Riskin, Olson & DellaPelle, P.C. to speak with an experienced attorney.