Garden State Parkway May Need to Use Eminent Domain Laws to Get Rid of Dangerous Traffic Lights

New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway is working hard to get rid of three dangerous traffic signals in Cape May. Construction of the on-ramps and overpasses as presently planned would require the destruction of approximately 3.5 acres of wetlands. Conservation laws require that lost wetlands be replaced with other wetlands containing double the acreage, so seven... Read More

Update on Aberdeen-Matawan Station Redevelopment

As we reported on January 4, 2012 (, the question of whether the Aberdeen-Matawan train station area was still “in need of redevelopment” was sent back to the local planning board. The Planning Board held a meeting on February 15, at which it approved Coppola & Coppola Associates’ preliminary report that the 62.81 acres in... Read More