How One Texas Agency Restricted Its Eminent Domain Powers

by: Allan Zhang
1 Sep 2023
Here is some eminent domain news from the Lone Star State. In a rarely seen maneuver (at least something this blogger has never), a new policy adopted by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission will restrict the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) future use of its eminent domain powers. Parks and Wildlife Code (section... Read More

UPDATE To STAY NJ – We Shall See In January 2026!

by: Allan Zhang
3 Aug 2023
Back in June, we blogged about the early rumblings of a bill to be passed which would increase property tax savings to Seniors living in New Jersey. Billed as “Stay NJ”, it was purported that Senior homeowners and renters (aged 65 and older) could see reductions in their property tax bills up to $6,500 for... Read More

NJ’s Senior Homeowners and Renters Could See Reduced Property Tax Bills

by: Allan Zhang
27 Jun 2023
New Jersey Governor Murphy and state legislators have purportedly reached an agreement to enact a bill to help New Jersey’s seniors stay in New Jersey. Legislators proposed a bill titled “StayNJ Act” which would effectively cut property tax bills for homeowners and renters ages 65 and older starting in 2026. The bill was introduced by... Read More

Self-Represented Litigants Appeal Assessments In Tax Court and Lose

by: Allan Zhang
8 Jun 2023
This recent Tax Court opinion is based on an appeal by self-represented litigants of the 2021 added assessment and 2022 tax year local property tax assessment on a single family home in Montclair Township. The Court affirmed the 2021 added assessment and 2022 tax assessment. The self represented litigants, Lucy and Daniel Yang, purchased the... Read More

NYC To Use Eminent Domain For Next Phase of 2nd Avenue Subway

by: Allan Zhang
4 May 2023
Here is some eminent domain news from across the Hudson River regarding one of the costliest railroad expansion projects per mile in the history of the world. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“MTA”) has begun the eminent domain process for its second phase of the long awaited Second Avenue Subway. At the April 26, 2023, the... Read More

Tax Court Judge Novin Strikes Unverified Sales

by: Allan Zhang
2 May 2023
In this recent Tax Court opinion, Lafayette Sq. Construction Co. LLC and Union Court LLC (“collectively referred to as Square”) challenged Montclair Township’s tax assessment on their unimproved properties for tax years 2020-2022. After a bench trial, the Court affirmed the assessments. Square owns contiguous properties which comprise a surface parking lot with a capacity... Read More

Redevelopment of Famed “Horn Antenna” Site Looming?

by: Allan Zhang
28 Dec 2022
  The site of the former Nokia property in Holmdel Township could be receiving a makeover if the Township Committee gets its way. On November 22, 2022, the Holmdel Township Committee passed resolution 2022-307, authorizing the Township Planning Board to investigate whether the property at 791 Holmdel Road may be designated as an area in... Read More


by: Allan Zhang
2 Dec 2022
Back in June 2022, and again in September 2022, we informed you of a big change coming to the New Jersey property tax scene, the ANCHOR program (Affordable NJ Communities for Homeowners and Renters). Designed as a replacement to the Homestead Rebate Benefit program, ANCHOR officially kicked off in September with mailers being sent to... Read More

Court Grants Tax Exemption To Nonprofit Property

by: Allan Zhang
16 Nov 2022
In a recent published Tax Court opinion by Judge Vito Bianco, J.T.C., the Court considered the exemption status of a property owned by nonprofit organization, Options Imagined (“Options”). Options had filed for exemption from property tax assessment of its property to the Morris County Tax Board which denied the application. Options appealed the decision to... Read More


by: Allan Zhang
11 Oct 2022
Changes may be on the horizon for the New Jersey’s Senior Freeze program. The Senior Freeze program helps eligible New Jerseyans lower their property taxes by reimbursing property tax payments increases and “freezes” the property tax rate for eligible homeowners and mobile home park site fees. This is particularly helpful for senior residents living on... Read More